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DJI’s Action 4 competes GoPro Hero 11

DJI, the company behind the consumer grade premium drone manufacturer has upped its ante into action camera domain, with the Action 4. The n...

DJI, the company behind the consumer grade premium drone manufacturer has upped its ante into action camera domain, with the Action 4. The new action camera wasn't a complete surprise, as the news was out nearly a year ago.

DJI Action 4, the new action camera pitched against GoPro Hero 11

However, what makes special with this gadget is the fact that both the companies had their try on a collaborative effort nearly a decade ago, that fell out due to indifferences. This lead to a business rivalry when GoPro released their drone under the name Karma, soon after, which didn't succeed to gain traction as the expected for various reasons. However, it may not be the situation with DJI's case, as the specs sheet seems a bit too hard to ignore for the consumers.

DJI, under the subset business as Osmo, had released its first action camera years back, which had some niggles but they ironed it out very early on. It also managed to bring innovative ideas, to this category of cameras that were never seen before. DJI has been into the space of Camera manufacturing, as the drone was only the additional rig that added some special capabilities, like aerial footage.

Their lineage of camera equipments, whether it is the drone, hand held gimbal, or the selfie cameras with gimbal stabilisation has captured its fan following. And the race between GoPro and DJI had crossed each other's lines on and off numerous times, with some favouring one or the other. Now with both the maker's two cameras running neck and neck, it is going to be an interesting future for the consumers to test and adopt, to reveal who would be dominating ahead.

Coming back to the point, the newly announced Osmo Action 4, is a device that goes toe-to-toe with the GoPro Hero 11 Black, from the standpoint of sheer specs. However, there seems no clear winner between the two, but one competitive heat is that, DJI does offer is low light capability. This means the new Osmo Action 4 has a much improved sensor to boost night shooting.

Osmo Action 4 is also a tad more compact and lighter at 70x44x33mm (145gms), against the Hero 11 sizing at 71x55x34mm (154gms), in spite of having a slightly larger battery (1770 versus 1720mAh). The Action 4’s waterproof rating is up to 18 meters, while Hero 11 stops at 10 (330ft).

GoPro's Hero 11
GoPro's Hero 11

The GoPro bests DJI on resolution with 5.3K (60 fps) video versus 4K of DJI, though both shoot up to 120fps in 4K. The displays are effectively the same, both have a front-facing 1.4-inch display, while the DJI’s rear screen is 0.02 inches larger at 2.27 inches.

DJI has priced the Osmo Action 4 at $399, countering that GoPro too reduced its price to $399.99 (from its previous $499). At first glance, it seems DJI’s got the edge here, and the Action 4 is available starting today. However, it is the after market & addon's that is available to the GoPro that could be of a challenge to beat. Also, GoPro has focused it's niche at being a Action Camera maker, and that's a whole plant of expertise to deal with, for DJI.

You can buy DJI Action 4 here

BTW, DJI's Osmo Action 3 & Action 2 are still under production and available as before, for the economy spectrum of consumers.

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